Types of Software to Use for Your Hotel

Hotel management

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Manually keeping up with everyday operations and management of a hotel is a very exhausting task. Thanks to technological advancement, we now have hotel management software solutions to seamlessly monitor the daily running of a hotel business. Some software work independently while others can be integrated with others. There are a few that provide all-under-one-roof solutions to all your management needs. Here are 6 types of software that you can use for your hotel and for an effective website design for your business:

1. Property Management Software

Property management software (PMS) is a basic need for every hotel. It helps with the efficient running of day-to-day activities such as reservations and guest reporting. PMS automates online bookings on all channels and displays them in a user-friendly calendar. Besides being able to view and make adjustments to reservations, you can also reschedule current bookings, close rooms for a given time and add discounts to existing customers on PMS. This will free you up to focus on more important tasks such as sales improvement strategies and reputation management in order to grow your business. 

2. Accounting Software

You need to keep track of all the expenses your hotel incurs on a daily basis. While property management software can have the functionality to report daily expenses, you’ll need accounting software to have detailed and in-depth reports of the expenses incurred to be at par with various other functions, for instance the online booking systems. This helps with the hotel’s budgeting and tax filing. It is important to find accounting software that can be integrated with your property management system. 

3. Revenue management software

Revenue management is the cornerstone of every business. Every business needs a robust revenue management system to stay afloat. Revenue management software will allow you to attractively price your hotel by giving you insights on the general market, your competitors and even your own channels. You can track data on the hotel’s performance during different times of the day and seasons. This will enable you to keep up with the market trends and stay ahead of the competition while maximizing your revenue.

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4. Reputation Management Software

Your hotel’s reputation will determine whether you have guests or not. That is why you should your reputation management seriously. Guests will always give their reviews, whether positive or negative, on online platforms. It is advisable to prioritize the negative reviews as it shows your guests that you are taking action to improve the experience. A robust reputation management software will allow you to send follow-up emails to guests after their stay, monitor major review websites and track your performance over a period of time. You will have review data from several sources pooled into a single place. 

5. Email Marketing Software

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing tools for any business. While booking confirmations can be done by basic emailing systems, you’ll need a dynamic email marketing software for effective email marketing campaigns. An email marketing software allows you to customize your email marketing messages to different categories of audiences in a cost-effective manner. You can also customize emails based on the actions of visitors to your website.

6. Social Media Management Software

You should leverage the power of social media to grow your hotel business. However, there are so many social media platforms to effectively run them one at a time. You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest among others at your disposal. Social media management software allows you to run all your social media accounts from a single point. You can even interconnect them and have a post to a single platform shared across the others. Software such as Buffer and Hootsuite have been known to be very effective for social media management.