Setting Up A Store With The Right Tech

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Setting up a retail store is no small feat and whether you are setting up one that deals with foodstuff, clothing, electrical appliances or any other merchandise, equipping your store with the right technology is an indispensable business success decision.

There are so many things that go into setting up a retail store from the logistics, to the marketing and the interior design of the store. Each aspect is equally as important and contributes to the success of the store. Many people focus on interior design as this is what helps bring customers in and makes them excited by what they see. When it comes down to it, the objective of retail interior design is to make sales! Good store planning can take customers on a journey to specific destinations and can prompt impulse buys.

Customers are always the main focus and, in a technology-dominated society, technology will not only help you keep track of the transactions you make inside your store, but also those with your suppliers and any employees working for you. Most crucial, however, is the connection that technology will build and sustain between you and your customer. Technology is your vehicle to understanding what products top the list of preferences for potential customers, how they want them packaged and what modes of purchase they prefer.

Choosing the right technology is, therefore, synonymous to business success. Consider the following technology when setting up your retail store.

1.    Integrated point of sale (POS) technology

A point of sale (POS) is key to business success.

You record your sales, keep track of the inventory and issue receipts to your customers. A computer, a credit card reader, a barcode scanner, a cash drawer and a receipt printer are all components of a POS system.

When setting up your retail store, consider POS technology that has these key features:

–    Keeps a record of sales and provides a sales analysis for key business decisions.

–    Keeps track of stock so you can decide when to make new orders.

–    Allows multiple payment methods to the customer.

–    Tracks customer purchase history, within legal limits, while providing product update and offering loyalty benefits to customers.

–    Tracks employee presence and work performance.

–    Is connected to a secure cloud system and incorporates transactions by online shopping customers. Cloud computing is vital for any retail business to store data, particularly data relating to customers.

2.    Customer interface system through touchscreen technology

Installing touchscreen monitors that allow the customer to interact with goods without the hustle of going around your store can be a great business success choice. A good customer interface system will act as a ‘place in cart’ option where customers can pick goods on the screen while a store attendant places them on a trolley. The customer will make the final choice at a dressing room in case of clothing, or at a prepay point when purchasing groceries.

3.    IT support

IT support is particularly beneficial if you are a large company with multiple stores in different locations. Technology can be a great help in your business however it is never fool-proof and there are often issues, whether it is to do with the internet or the computers themselves. That is why it is important to have IT support that offers a global service desk. A global service desk can support your business both online and verbally and can offer local onsite support so issues are rectified quickly.

4.    Digital marketing technology

Digital marketing can be localized or online.

Localized digital marketing may include the use of smart screens on store walls. These communicate details about goods to customers near the store. A buyer looking for a particular product will jump out of a bus if they notice the product they are looking for on a marketing screen outside a store.

Online digital marketing is vital in an era of mobile phones. Using cloud technology to avail data on your products through mobile-enabled apps is a successful option for anyone setting up their retail store today. Customers will immediately act on marketing details which show the last few items of a highly praised product. They will also click on the ‘buy now’ button if the product can be delivered in the shortest time or get into an online conversation to clarify details regarding a nearby store where they can purchase the good.

When setting up your retail store

Incorporate technology to support your business success by ensuring precision in POS transactions, offering an optimum customer interface system, and allowing an up to date digital marketing platform. This can be a lot to take on and implement and it can often be overwhelming. Luckily there are options to alleviate this load and if your budget allows for it, you can hire an interior designer to plan and coordinate the set-up of your retail store.